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Before and After Proves True 4 Bamboo & Sugarcane

In addition to being a beautiful “tree”, bamboo makes perfect hedges including privacy screens and noise buffers. Enjoy the before and after pictures below. Our “Giant Bamboo” can go up multiple stories. Similarly, sugarcane also does a great job too. We will discuss bamboo first, then sugarcane.

Plants and trees that work well for hedges and privacy screens typically work well as a sound buffer too against street noise, neighbors, etc. Many time the natural, living plant material is a better choice and more efficient at absorbing noise.

The Advantages of Bamboo as a Sound Barrier Privacy Hedge

Giant bamboo which we sell can be a great choice both as a sound barrier and privacy screen. The sound absorbant properties of bamboo puts a great buffer between you and the sounds on the street, neighbours, etc. As the clumping bamboo grows new shoots, the mass of sound blocking material get’s thicker and thicker as well as very beautiful. It does this very quickly compared to other natural solutions since no other plant for this use grows as fast.

Not Running but Clumping Bamboo is best for Sound Barriers

Our Giant Timber Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii) an grow 50-60 feet with 4″-5″ diameter canes. This tall, stately and elegant giant bamboo has dark green canes that, at maturity, are almost too thick to put your hands around. It thrives as a semi-evergreen perennial in USDA zone 8 and above and the before and after pics below show how beauty can combine with practicality. This sustainable and fast growing grass is incredibly loved worldwide and is becoming more popular in the unites stated each year.

A very important consideration when buying bamboo is whether to get a clumping or running variety as you can read many horror stories about running bamboo. Surely we love all bamboo but there have been many well intentioned individuals that thought they could contain running bamboo just to get sued by their neighbors due to the out of control spreading.

We have sold and installed Giant Timber bamboo for many years and look forward to help you. Whether you are beautifying your home, business or commercial property or just want to help the environment, we’ve got your back. You may read more about us, learn more about bamboo here and we surely look forward to speak with you soon. Visit our sister website for more environmental benefits of bamboo.


Extends Above Fencing for Complete Coverage

Add Beautiful Accents While Providing Privacy

A Natural Fence Line Blocks Neighbours & is a Noise Buffer

Sugarcane as a Hedge and/or for Juicing

Mick Sugarcane Ornamental Green Screen Barrier Fence florida

Sugarcane is a very fast growing grass that is perfect for a natural privacy screen and privacy border. It’s also a beautiful, decorative grass and it’s stalks have sweet juice and fiber that you can get when you harvest the cane in the fall if you choose to do so. Personally, we use it for a privacy barrier and occasionally we will cut a stalk or two to chew on. You can also buy a sugarcane press to squeeze the juice out of the stalks for a very nutritious drink.

Below you will see sugarcane planted in April in the “before” picture. Well actually, you won’t as it’s in the ground : ) The second picture we just took in November of the same year, so 7 months of growth. It’s already filling in greatly, has grown about 12 feet and will produce more and more new plants every year. It will become more dense and also allows us to harvest some without taking away from it’s original purpose of a natural privacy screen. Learn more about sugarcane here.

Before and After Sugarcane hedge Florida Nursery Buy